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How does the Autoconnect work? What kind of WIFI networks will I connect through the SDK?
The Wiman SDK for Android connects your smartphone to available open WiFi networks in range automatically. The Wiman SDK will only work with networks that are actually running and delivering WiFi after a real-time WiFi analysis.
What if there is more than one WiFi available in range?
The Wiman SDK defines a priority for each open WiFi network to which it connects, based on several factors, including: - Signal power - Actual network’s running at that time - How many times it was used - Outcome of previous connection attempts
Are there conflicts with the system WiFi manager?
We try not to interfere with the system WiFi manager’s running. For example, all the networks of the system WiFi manager have priority over the networks managed by the Wiman SDK.
What about the permissions?
Although it may seem strange, starting from Android 6.0, in order to access WiFi networks in range, the localization must be active.
Why is it free?
The SDK is provided free of charge in exchange for data collection by Wiman. Wiman collects anonymous data about the users of the hosting App as stated in the contract. As foreseen by law, this data will be collected from the moment the user explicitly accepts this consent in the hosting App, through a dedicated pop-up. This consent may be revoked at any time through a dedicated procedure as described in Wiman privacy policy. The pop-up will be provided by Wiman.
Why should I show the privacy notice pop-up?
Because it is required by the privacy policy. Have a look at the privacy policy:




In which countries does it work?
Globally, wherever there is an open WiFi network.
How much does it affect the battery?
Obviously, Wiman SDK performs additional operations that require a minimum of resources. However, we have adopted a series of policies to minimize the impact on the battery: for example, if a WiFi network is tested “n” times with a negative result (network not working), for a given time period it is not tested again.
Can I resell the service?
Yes, you can. You need to contact us and upgrade to the Enterprise Plan.
How much does the SDK weigh?
Wiman SDK weighs only 300 KB. However, it uses some libraries that might be already included in your project such as Okhttp, Sentry and Gson.
I found a bug, how do I report?
Mail to:
Why does the Autoconnect not work on some devices?
Several vendors apply very restrictive policies about the apps’ running in background. However, you can add an app among those that can also work in background.
The autoconnect does not work. What can I do?
The main reasons why the Autoconnect may not work are:
  • Authorization to location denied
  • GPS disabled (from Android 6.0 onwards)
  • SDK has not been able to synchronize with the server
  • The device implements energy-saving services, preventing the SDK from running in background (see the FAQ)
Is there a preinstalled VPN?
No, we advise you to use a third-party VPN if required.